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4th Generation Houstonian
I'm a big Astrodome collector. Also, I like 70's-90's CCM. I have a passion to save the unborn. But, most of all, I'm nothing without Jesus.
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From @FAIRImmigration
New Jersey governor signs bill allowing illegal aliens to get driver's licenses…
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From @Astrodomania
@FAIRImmigration @thehill @RachelFrazin I don't understand the contradiction. Democrats rabidly fight against voter…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
If your fave team tweeted "we got beat by 100", "we lost by 200", etc, wouldn't you realize they suck? FAIR has very few successes *and* they refuse to help with smart plans. MT @Astrodomania MT @FAIRImmigration NJ gov signs bill for driver's licenses for illegal aliens