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Ireland/England/Iberian raised in Canada living the dream in Los Angeles. Mom. Host. TV Movies Radio. podcast @hsn @toofaced ambassador
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.@askjillian @DorothyLucey: #KTLA can't show @Dodgers highlights due to rights. #Dodgers game isn't visible to millions. It isn't even trending! Please speak out against @MLB & Dodgers for selling out to Murdoch. They greatly harm the sport.
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Aw thanks, Rebecca! I love joining @askjillian & @Johnnydontlike. They're individually & collectively FABULOUS!…
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.@tamaraholder: hey Tamara, @Johnnydontlike can't answer even easy questions about Trump: Pretty sad.
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.@tamaraholder: since @Johnnydontlike can't even show a nobody like me wrong about Trump, it's no surprise @Bakari_Sellers rolls over him.