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filming @BerlinStation reading good books, practicing @AcroYoga. Global Goodwill Ambassador for @UNFPA
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I agree Brody! MT@Brody_Caden: "@24AheadDotCom @AshleyJudd - Buddy, #AshleyJudd trying to help women is just that. #respect"
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From @Brody_Caden
@24AheadDotCom @ChantellePaige @tstallone @RobertHouTexas @AshleyJudd Buddy, #AshleyJudd trying to help women is just that. #respect
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@redrivergrl: want to do something about "celebs" like @AshleyJudd *and* illegal #immigration? Send her fans variants of my last tweet.
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Latest "celeb" to turn her back on her fellow citizens is @AshleyJudd, who hypes the anti-American #tcot #GOP
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@AshleyJudd: eg, @VanJones68 lives in a high-benefits *and* high- #immigration fantasy world: #p2 #tlot #TopProg