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Ken Anderson
Orlando, FL
Orlando Real Estate Broker serving Orlando,Winter Park, Windermere, working with REO's, short sales, investors to first time buyers, for sales or purchase
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From @smerconish
Of course Bill Barr is correct that Bob Mueller could’ve reached a conclusion on obstruction- but I’ll bet Barr wou…
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From @Apex1Realty
@smerconish Barr is taking care of his boss. That is his only directive. He is violating his oath of office and sho…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Apex1Realty: Dilbert was one of the leading reasons Trump got popular. He got r/w bloggers, pundits, etc. on board by pretending Trump was playing 12d chess. @smerconish had Dilbert on at least 2x but never asked the easy Qs that would have shown Dilbert all wrong.