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Ann Lemieux
Trump admirer, 👵 to 7, fiscal, social conservative, married 52 years, love 🐴
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From @gc_wilson
Another comic gold moment by @ScottAdamsSays discussing Dems reaction to Kid Rock running for Senate, Lolololol
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From @AnnLemieux2
@gc_wilson @BamaRidger @ScottAdamsSays This is hilarious '
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From @BamaRidger
@AnnLemieux2 @gc_wilson @ScottAdamsSays I love it.... Been following Scott since Trump announced he is scary smart & funny also.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@BamaRidger: Trump calls Liz Warren names instead of undercutting her to her base over immigration. Is that 4d chess to @ScottAdamsSays?