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Watch what happens: Karni won't have the integrity to admit she got duped by Lee. MT @FrmrBureaucrat [to @anniekarni] I have read both pieces and Dr. Bandy's protestations, but it also seems like @byrdinator' report is accurate based on what Dr. Bandy told her on the record
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From @BandyXLee
Okay, I know I only answered handful of questions. Apologies—I was warned that Twitter requires a lot of upkeep, b…
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.@BandyXLee: your Politico interview made it sound like your meeting w/ a GOP senator was requested. You admitted to Weekly Standard it was just "accidental", thereby making @anniekarni look bad. Now it's time for her to post a correction.
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.@anniekarni: how much did Hillary's "Scooby" cost? Do you know?