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Ann Holt
Be kind, speak up when needed, make the world a better place...
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From @gtconway3d
so shocked, shocked that the president of the United States would have transparently and incompetently falsified a…
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From @skolanach
@gtconway3d George’s twitter feed is basically
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From @AnnHolt09045615
@skolanach @gtconway3d Some folks say George and KAC are just an act. I don't care as long as George keeps tweetin…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
One of the main data points to it being just an act is he hypes #SharpieGate: it'll never have any impact on Trump. George won't go after Trump where's he's vulnerable to his base. MT @AnnHolt09045615 [to @gtconway3d] Some folks say George and KAC are just an act [I don't care]