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Anne Arbor
Near Albany, NY
Retired lawyer and law prof, left-leaning Dem, lover of art, Ireland, Yiddishkeit
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From @narceducator
@ThePlumLineGS nails the leadership flaws and dangerousness of Trump’s pathologies. Trump’s propagandists can’t cl…
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From @Anne_Arbor
@narceducator @ThePlumLineGS I'm not sure if there should be so much emphasis on Trump's psychology, The main poin…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Anne_Arbor: those like @narceducator, Bandy X Lee, etc have been saying the same thing for years, expecting a different result. They're mental & they *help* Trump. See my Trump posts (going back to 2015) for how to honorably expose Trump's incompetence to his base.