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Ames Grawert
Essex County, NJ
Senior Counsel, Justice Program at @BrennanCenter; anti-mass incarceration, pro-fountain pens & history of Late Antiquity. @NassauDA Appeals alum. Views my own.
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From @AmesCG
Trump donors shocked to find failed casino magnate associated with graft, corruption
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From @AndyMcCanse
@AmesCG Think about the donor value proposition: rather than fund operations, persuasive ads, polling, or GOTV, you…
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From @AmesCG
@AndyMcCanse Exactly. I think of the story of Doug Deason in the @ThisAmerLife episode — Trump doubter turned suppo…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@AmesCG: AshaRangappa_ got taken in by #GuardianRover (the Trump fan trying to send #TheResistance down a rabbit hole), & @AndyMcCanse of #JustSecurity gave her a thumbs up at the time. Does that indicate even middling competence by either of them? #CNN