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Flyover Country, USA
You either stand for free speech or you don’t. You either stand for the First Amendment or you don’t.
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From @j_arthur_bloom
Documents obtained exclusively by @DailyCaller indicate Google has manually manipulated search results, and that th…
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From @j_arthur_bloom
@DailyCaller UPDATE: A Google spokesperson has provided the following statement to @DailyCaller, which has been add…
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From @AmendmentOneMgt
@j_arthur_bloom @DailyCaller Pick a conservative subject, ANY will do, and try a Google search and see what appears…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@AmendmentOneMgt: Google News denied me in 2013 so I showed how their results are deceptive. I never got any help with either from cons. #DailyCaller, #GatewayPundit, etc have blocked me for showing them wrong (DC did it twice!) Cons are part of their problem. @j_arthur_bloom