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Amanda Lee Myers
Los Angeles
Entertainment reporter/video producer for @AP. Formerly breaking news. Love running, beaching, hiking, travel, Beyoncé and anything with an egg on it.
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From @sarahparvini
What a great way to wrap up the afternoon! At Starbucks, two non-Japanese guys walk up behind @smasunaga and me and…
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From @AmandaLeeAP
@sarahparvini @hbecerraLATimes @smasunaga Where was this Starbucks? In 1947?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@AmandaLeeAP: despite knowing that #Willowbrook is due to black/Hispanic issues going back decades, @hbecerraLATimes peddles the #LATimes myth that it has something to do with Trump when it doesn't. Would even the #AP reject such blatant propagandizing, yes or no?