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Senior reporter @voxdotcom. Policy and politics. Data, charts, cartoons, videos.
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Trump’s Encouraging QAnon May Result in Violence—Just ask the FBI via @just_security with l…
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From @dogstar7tweets
@justinhendrix @just_security @willsommer @oneunderscore__ @AlKapDC @TonyRomm @alv9n @drewharwell @cjane87…
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.@dogstar7tweets: after 9/11 major contractors cleaned up & those like Poindexter got away with a surveillance state. Likewise, those like @justinhendrix are paid to take advantage of Trump by pushing massive censorship. Neither of those campaigns are liberal in the least.
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RT @alv9n: Doctors trained in these the six banned countries provide a lot of care for Red America.…
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.@jhwygirl: how @alv9n tried to deceive you: Unless you support taking doctors from developing countries.
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.@alv9n: why didn't you reveal #ImmigrantDocs downsides? And when will you?