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Alicia Vance
Santa Monica, CA
Wife and Mom to two awesome guys, RN student in my free time 😉
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From @splcenter
In 1968, African American sanitation workers in Memphis protested poor working conditions & unequal treatment. Ma…
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From @AliciaVance
@DAKDIS @splcenter Because @thefederalist is a bastion of objective, unbiased journalism.
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@AliciaVance @splcenter @TheFederalist You are a nit wit who is terrified to peek outside the liberal/communist bub…
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From @AliciaVance
@DAKDIS @splcenter @TheFederalist biased sources and name calling, 2 for 2!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@AliciaVance: @dakdis could easily help undercut amnesty supporters simply by using the arguments at Ask D.A. why he's never helped with those arguments when they'd greatly help what he claims to care about.