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I work for the future: Writer, speaker, strategic advisor, dad. Planetary sustainability, worldchanging solutions, creative foresight. I block nonsense.
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In the late 90s, I coined the term "climate denialism" to mark the point that denial of climate science is an ideol…
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@AlexSteffen @nytimes Thank you to @nytclimate team (probably) (@CoralMDavenport!) for doing this though, to be cle…
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.@A_Siegel @AlexSteffen: the @nytclimate @CoralMDavenport blog about a WH panel including a denialist is really great. But, I thought Trump banned dissent? Isn't allowing dissent after banning it hypocrisy? Where's Hannity to speak out against *that* hypocrisy?!?!?!