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I want a bright future for everyone. And all those differences we have, we can discuss them out right? Over dinner table ofcourse! :)
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Sarah Sanders just spoke to a small group of reporters. Asked whether she's considering a run for governor of Arkan…
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@AndrewRestuccia @carlquintanilla She ruled out truth a while ago....
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@AndrewRestuccia That would be a yes
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From @wirefan51
@LeslieMarshall @AndrewRestuccia They deserve her!
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.@akrrun1 says "[Sarah Sanders] ruled out truth a while ago". Congrats on being the 611,843,251st to say that!
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.@wirefan51: I'm not going to hold Sarah Huckabee responsible for her dad, but her dad is extremely vulnerable on a specific issue. @LeslieMarshall & @AndrewRestuccia daren't mention that issue since it'd make them look bad too.