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ESPN Football/Soccer: MLS, UCL etc .....Swindon Town FC ......Nobody hands you cups on a plate
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.@AdrianHealey: what sort of mental block kept #ESPN from outbidding Murdoch? I'm picturing a Top 40 programmer-style mental block plus like if Jimmy Wichard was a TV exec. It'd be smart of ESPN to take some matches off Fox' hands or simulcasts: win-win. Why don't you urge that?
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.@AdrianHealey @TaylorTwellman: Dilbert thinks #MLS on against #Cubs #Cardinals is so brilliant Trump set it up. @TimbersFC #PORvNE #soccer
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.@AdrianHealey @TaylorTwellman: counterprogramming #MLS against #Cubs Opening Day vs Cardinals is brilliant! @TimbersFC #PORvNE #soccer