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NYT reporter covering FBI and nat sec. Ex-WaPo & AP. Reachable at this email.
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Agreed. I can’t believe any reporter would do this. It is completely deceptive.
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Is the system broken & are crops rotting in the fields? When will you call out those oft-repeated lies? MT @RyanLizza [I'm shocked I tells ya!] MT @adamgoldmanNYT [I'm shocked I tells ya!] [Trump tries to get hacks to blog his thoughts as those of "someone close to the pres"]
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SCOOP: The F.B.I. has already completed interviews with the four witnesses its agents were originally asked to talk…
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.@adamgoldmanNYT: let's say you didn't march in lockstep with NeoLiberal policies for a minute, were summarily invited into your boss' office & fired from the swamp, & she did it while UB40 played. Wouldn't you mention UB40 - & not just "music" - when recounting that?