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Adam Cancryn
Washington, DC
Health care reporter on the Hill @POLITICO and coauthor @PoliticoPULSE. Ex-@SPGMarketIntel RTs=Please clap. DM for Signal. Secure email: acancryn(at)protonmail
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From @ireadivote
@adamcancryn @thehowie @vcolliver Also, I'm wondering about ppl who have died recently from the disease, but undiag…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ireadivote: @adamcancryn has access to Trump or at least his proxies & could really press them on that in a way that'd expose Trump's incompetence to his base. That'd force a better response. Adam etc play politics w #CoronaVirus, but only to get clicks not to make Trump better
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From @adamcancryn
Floating Petri Dish, Part Deux: Officials once again keeping passengers quarantined on a cruise ship, this time off…
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From @nogenderid
@adamcancryn @vcolliver I thought it was 21 who had symptoms, who are waiting to be tested, not 21 infected with #coronavirus.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
The bigger issue is it'd be child's play to show Trump's handling incompetent, forcing a better response. Colliver etc are even more incompetent than Trump. MT @nogenderid: [@vcolliver says 21 on ship are infected but they just need to be tested; she admits her blogging mistake]