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Abha Bhattarai
Washington, D.C.
National retail reporter for The Washington Post. Northwestern grad, Nepali-American, from Austin.
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From @DavidNakamura
Jeff Bezos is in an escalating public feud w/White House trade adviser Peter Navarro that prompted the Amazon boss…
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From @marthaevapearl
@DavidNakamura @JStein_WaPo @abhabhattarai I agree w trade guy on counterfeit issue-Platform has an oversight respo…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@marthaevapearl @JoCool14: Trump's horrific & fake, but Peter Navarro is where Dems were not so long ago on trade. Now - tricked into being agin somethin' cuz Trump's fer it - they stand with billionaires like Bezos.