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Locke & Demosthenes
Toronto, Canada
This account is all about music, Toronto politics (mainly), travel, photography, Agents of SHIELD, etc... Also Toronto FC, Raptors, Rush fan & Go Flames!
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From @CanadaSoccerEN
Thank you #CanadaRED for your unwavering support of #CanWNT
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From @a_darkcorner
@CanadaSoccerEN we'll be back!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@a_darkcorner: #CanWNT will only be back in the PC World Cup. In actual sporting competitions you'll just be knocked out earlier next time. Sweden has 5% your square miles & ~1/4 your population and they trounced you. Hopefully Trump will finish his wall soon. @CanadaSoccerEN