Teaparty poll: What decade do you want to "take America back" to?

A common refrain from the tea parties movement is that they want to "take America back". However that phrase is interpreted, it boils down to the teaparties wanting to return the U.S. to some earlier point in time. What point in time is it that they want to take us back to?

If you're in the teaparties movement, please use the poll below to let us know when you want to take us back to. To keep the poll simple I'm just using decades; let us know the decade(s) that most closely match where you want to go back to (you can select multiple decades).

I've included all the decades from the 1750s to the current decade below, and note that you can select multiple decades: click "add" in the left column to add that decade to your choices. And, please note that the order of the decades matters: your top choice should be the first in the list, your second choice second in the list, and so on. You can move choices up or down by dragging the plus signs. You can make one choice or choose them all and then rank them, it's up to you. You can also remove items from the right column by clicking the 'x'.

Results will be released in a week or two, so check back often. And, feel free to leave a comment below if you have more to add.