Teaparty "Patriots", Tea Party Express were funded by loose borders Koch brothers (Freedom Partners)

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Freedom Partners is a 501(c)6 trade organization led by the loose borders Koch family that disbursed $236 million in 2012. Details at the link.

Two recipients of Freedom Partners' money were the Teaparty "Patriots" and the Teaparty Express. According to [1], they received $800,000, although it's not clear if each group received that amount or if that's the combined total. While Teapartiers try to pretend they're a grassroots, leaderless group, hundreds of thousands of dollars tends to provide a great deal of "leadership".

In this case, that "leadership" is from the Kochs, who also fund loose borders groups like Reason Magazine. David Koch even gave $10 million to the ACLU.

Whether as a result of Koch largesse or just due to other reasons, the Teaparty "Patriots" have obsessed over stopping Obamacare while making opposing amnesty a much lower priority.

And, Sal Russo of Tea Party Express openly supports amnesty, saying "it's the right thing".

Want to do something about this? Look up those who support @TPPatriots and then urge them to contact @JennyBethM and suggest she turn on her Koch funders and make opposing amnesty their top priority. Urge the Teaparty "Patriots" to live up to their name. Do the same with supporters of @TeaPartyExpress.

[1] twitter . com/kenvogel/status/377967602267455488