SPLC: DHS rightwing extremist report mentions them and "tracks" theirs "fairly closely" (Harry Smith; +two errors)

As you haven't heard from almost anyone else, the recent Department of Homeland Security report warning about rightwing extremists mentions - without naming it - a misleading report from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

I say "almost" because of this:

Mark Potok, director of the [SPLC's] intelligence project, said... he was generally pleased with the report... "Basically, the report tracks fairly closely with what we have been saying for some time now. They mention us a couple of times, though not by name," he said.

Anyone who wants to do something effective about the report should stress that the DHS is relying on a misleading SPLC report; so far I have yet to see anyone else do that (not much of a surprise).

And, it's not just Potok who's happy with the report, but his boss Morris Dees. Speaking on yesterday's CBS News Early Show, Dees told a fawning Harry Smith that "I think they sync up pretty much", referring to an SPLC report claiming an increase in hate groups. Needless to say, Smith didn't point out that the SPLC has a fundraising interest in "hate", a word that they very broadly define. A transcript is at [1], and the SPLC crows about the similarities between the DHS report and their reports at [2].

The key to this is the DHS' reliance on the SPLC; the problem is getting others to concentrate on that.

(On a related note, one of the anecdotes in the DHS report appears to be completely bogus, and another appears to be highly questionable [3]).

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[2] splcenter.org/news/item.jsp?aid=373
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Yup, much of the commentary I have heard on the DHS report (talk radio and especially the MSM) does not mention its reliance on the misleading SPLC report. But Mark Krikorian did mention it in the Nat'l Review Online (4/14): "When the SPLC and the ADL and La Raza hyperventilated about "extremism" among supporters of immigration enforcement, it was hard to take seriously because those organizations are themselves hard to take seriously. The SPLC's designation of the Federation for American Immigration Reform a "hate group" was so silly that even ordinary liberal reporters scoffed. But now with these groups helping set government policy, things have changed, and we have the "rightwing extremism" report that Jonah linked to (the pdf of the report is here). In today's Washington Times, Mark Potok of the odious Southern Poverty Law Center crowed that "Basically, the report tracks fairly closely with what we have been saying for some time now. They mention us a couple of times, though not by name." Now that the FBI has finally cut off ties with CAIR, it's outrageous that a government agency is citing the SPLC (referred to in the report as "a prominent civil rights organization"), a racket that even those on the Left denounce as a fraud."

The the DHS (relying on the $PLC's fraudulent reports) and the NYT (the editorial board has a former $PLC apparatchik) are essentially mouthpieces for a radical left-wing smear organization--the $PLC. What a sad state of affairs. Can we sue Nappy and the DHS once our character is defamed? I think suing for libel and slander through the courts are the appropriate remedies for the aggrieved parties here.

Most of the right hate race Groups are in fact controlled by the boys in the FBI/CIA/NAS/CID/DHS AND All of our Political people hate Americans and the ideals of freedom. The real race goal is to replace and subjugate the population, the next move by our enemies now in power inside this nation is total economy control. mass enslavement of both the mind and individual spirit for evil reasons Will follow soon and any person who follow the leader may as well jump into hell. the end game of evil is here and now not 10 years away but now. the list is made the total subjugation is now! watch the system become hell for all of us.

Love you petty, be good, make a world free of this evil system help to make a new USA Free of our political enemies.

While DHS is out checking bumper stickers in their search for the next blond-haired, blue-eyed domestic terrorist... ... the enemy is already inside the gates [1]. - MuscleDaddy

[1] www.e3gazette.com/2009/04/domestic-extremists-that-dhs-isnt.html

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