Sharron Angle goes after Reid on issues outside his control, won't press hard on immigration

The video at is a new campaign ad from Sharron Angle in which she says: "Harry Reid says he does more for Nevada... He's done more for unemployment... He's done more for the foreclosure rate... Harry Reid has done more and it's time for us to say 'stop doing it', we can't stand any more." That's stupidity in the tea parties style: unemployment and housing market issues are national issues. If we had replaced Reid with Angle a year ago, could she have single-handedly saved the U.S.? Or, at least, could she have made Nevada a prosperous wonderland even as the rest of the country foundered? She's selling snake oil.

At the same time, she's refusing to aggressively go after Reid on one of his most vulnerable issues, immigration.

On the minus side, she's pared her pre-nomination immigration position down to one sentence [1],

On the plus or slightly-plus side, she has/had radio spots discussing the issue (but not aggressively going after Reid: ) and she points out that she supports Arizona's new immigration law and that Reid won't come out for or against the Department of Justice suit (link).

On she says "every state should have a sheriff like Joe Arpaio" and "go Arizona go" (referring to their new law). She, of course, supports secure the border but so does everyone else. She also says our legal immigration system needs to be streamlined; finding out exactly what she would do would definitely be of interest. Of illegal aliens, she says "it's time for them to go home". Asked how she'd do that, she makes a good argument in support of attrition. She then says that her daughter-in-law is the daughter of naturalized citizens from Mexico, and that her four grandsons are going to be raised "bilingually", it's an "advantage the more languages you know", but they're going going to be all "proud to be Americans". It certainly is good to know several languages, but they're only going to know two. What if, for instance, they grow up to be politicians and say one thing in English and another in Spanish? Unfortunately, the tape ends there so whether someone from National Review asked her about that isn't known.

On this issue she isn't that bad, assuming she actually means what she says. The problem is her other issues and the fact that she isn't highlighting immigration. Her fringe, tea parties / libertarians-style policies have 68% of moderates calling her "extremist" (link). What she needs to do is to tone down the libertarian lunacy and aggressively go after Reid on the popular immigration issue. For instance, she could try to debate him on his support for the anti-American DREAM Act. If she won't do that now, how aggressively is she going to oppose illegal immigration in the unlikely event she makes it to the Senate?

[1] Per, this is her entire stance on the issue: "The United States must secure its borders immediately and enforce the laws that are already on the books."