Sen. Blanche Lincoln thanks you for your input on the SAVE Act, will be in touch

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On the attached video, Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln responds to citizen input on the SAVE Act and her related push to increase volunteerism. This is part of the Youtube effort called "Senate Hub" in which users submit questions which are then answered by various senators ( At post time there doesn't appear to be much happening there; no questions are viewable despite it saying that a few dozen had been submitted.

In any case, the video is a low-key classic illustration of the problems with Washington DC being out of touch with the citizenry and with the citizenry being unable to figure out how to do anything about it. She answers one question in which she confirms that the SAVE Act doesn't make volunteerism mandatory. The rest of the video is a kiss off, with added stuffing. She doesn't come right out and say, "we'll be in touch if we need more of your input", that's just understood. There are several very low-wattage comments on the video calling her various names; one of her staff might read them but that's not going to have much of an impact.

If you want her or her colleagues to be asked better questions, go out and ask them.

12/27/11 UPDATE: The video (Youtube ID ts_VtM9SQs4) was deleted by the senatehub user, so I removed it. They haven't uploaded a video in two years and might be shutting down the account.


What she is really doing is getting you ready for 100 million third world volunteerism people from the third world all needing your money and homes and jobs and welfear/SS payments. Watch out for May day ( may 1 red day in china and mexico and all of the world ) she will tell you that our great leader has opened the door to the world. now that is real volunteerism!