Sen. Bill Nelson turns back on U.S. citizens, supports DREAM Act (Brittany Levine)

Brittany Levine of the Miami Herald offers "Sen. Nelson rallies against student's deportation" (link):

Sen. Bill Nelson has called for authorities to halt the deportation of a Miami man whose immigration story has inspired protests and riled up immigration activists throughout South Florida.

In a letter last week addressed to a top federal immigration official, Nelson praised Walter Lara, a 23-year-old who is to be deported July 6. He called him ''exactly the type of person'' a new immigration bill is ''trying to help.'' Lara's story ''vividly illustrates'' the need for Congress to pass the DREAM Act, Nelson, a Democrat, said.

Now, for the facts that neither Levine nor Nelson will tell you, see the last link. The bill both support would not just lead to more similar cases, it would let foreign citizens take college educations away from U.S. citizens. Senator Nelson is turning his back on U.S. citizens in order to support foreign citizens, and his constituents should respond by turning their back on him.


If people by the millions in all cities don't stop this BS We may as well just get in line for the camps.