How Sara Blackwell failed American workers (Disney, H1B)

Sara Blackwell is a lawyer who represented fired Disney workers who had been forced into training their H1B replacements. She just recently threw in the towel [1]:

The attorney who has filed several unsuccessful lawsuits after 250 Disney IT workers lost their jobs to Indian nationals in 2014 acknowledged Wednesday it is a legal fight she cannot win.

“We have lost,” Sara Blackwell said during a news conference in Orlando. “Unfortunately, we lost because it’s legal.”

Actually, she lost because she did things in the wrong way. With any problem, there are smart ways to solve it and there are dumb ways that don't work. Blackwell chose one of the dumb options.

Back on March 1, 2016 (after I heard her on the John and Ken Show) I sent her an email suggesting a better way to do things [2]. I wanted her to engage pro-H1B politicians in Socratic debate and show them wrong to their base. See the Question Authority, Stop Amnesty Challenge, and DREAM Act pages for examples of the types of questions I wanted her to ask politicians.

She could have easily helped with that, even just by encouraging others to do it. She didn't respond to my email and obviously she didn't help with my suggestion. If she had, she would have had a lasting impact on the debate over H1Bs. Instead, like others (Mark Krikorian, Jessica Vaughan, NumbersUSA...) it's always about doing things that look tough but that are actually weak.

The proof's in the pudding: Sara Blackwell did things her way and now she admits she just didn't have what it takes.

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UPDATE: Blackwell replies to this post [3]:

I love when people tell me what to do then judge me for not doing what they suggest. Do it yourself. Why tell me what to do? If it is such a brililant idea- do it yourself. And, honestly, the suggestion is not useful but I am too polite to be negative to this person.

I'll try to show her how it works, stay tuned.

[1] orlandosentinel · com/business/tourism/os-bz-disney-lawsuit-workers-20180508-story.html

[2] My March 1, 2016 email to sara -at- theblackwellfirm · com:

A very effective technique you can use against Disney is to ask politicians tough questions about the case. The questions should be designed to force the politicians into taking action, such as by proposing H-1B decreases.

Please note that I'm talking about asking politicians the questions on video at their public events, such as during Q&A sessions. I also don't mean rants or open-ended questions: the questions should be designed to box the politician in to a restricted set of answers. This would be especially powerful if a politician is known to defend Disney.

See the links in my Twitter bio for dozens of examples: @24AheadDotCom_

Please tweet or email me if you're interested in doing that or if you have any questions of your own.

[3] twitter · com/4US_Workers/status/995311127855861761