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Activism Clinic: show Cenk Uygur's viewers how he's misleading (DREAM Act, Dana Rohrabacher) - 05/21/11

The December 16, 2010 video below shows Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks misleading about a point that Rep. Dana Rohrabacher made about the anti-American DREAM Act.

Gary Johnson wants to "loosen" child labor laws; Ben Mankiewicz lies (Young Turks, ThinkProgress) - 04/25/11

This is a two-parter: Ben Mankiewicz of The Young Turks lying about what former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson said, and Johnson (not surprisingly) supporting bad policy.

From my satire to Tea Party ideas: Mike Lee and child labor - 01/15/11

In July of last year I offered a satire called A Teaparty Timeline, containing this: In the 1800s, teaparty valiantly fought for the rights of children to work as many hours as they wanted.