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Why Walter Ewing can't be taken seriously (a quick note; American Immigration Council) - 09/12/12

This will just be a quick note illustrating one of the very many reasons why Walter Ewing of the American Immigration Council can't and shouldn't be taken seriously. See his name for longer discussions.

IPC: 1986 amnesty was good (just not great) for those amnestied - 11/05/09

The Immigration Policy Center has released a report called "Economic Progress via Legalization: Lessons from the Last Legalization Program" [1] which points out that the 1986 amnesty helped those amnestied improve their situations. However, there's little in their report that's remarkable and they don't take into account the balance between the benefits and costs of the amnesty; everything's always great when it comes to amnesty. On the one hand, those amnestied may have led to increased economic activity and that might have helped others. On the other hand, the cost to those others of...

Walter Ewing /IPC: massive immigration is great! (note: assumes we're a completely different country and more like Europe) - 06/02/09

The Immigration Policy Center offers a mini-study (written by Walter Ewing) called "Fuzzy Math: The Anti-Immigration Arguments of NumbersUSA Don’t Add Up" ( According to the anti-immigration group NumbersUSA, immigration to the United States is all about arithmetic: immigration increases the U.S. population, and more people presumably means more pollution, more urban sprawl, more competition for jobs, and higher taxes for Americans who must shoulder the costs of “over-population.”1 At first glance, this argument is attractive in its...

Immigration Policy Center needs help understand stimulus jobs going to illegal aliens (Walter Ewing) - 03/09/09

Over a month ago I discussed the Heritage Foundation article about how around 300,000 illegal aliens could get stimulus jobs. I raised a few issues, but in general they're right. Now, due to a recent USA Today article, the issue is finally in the news. Thus it is that Walter Ewing of the Immigration Policy Center has to rush to defend illegal aliens taking stimulus jobs from U.S. citizens in the blog post "CIS' Dubious Data Deflects Rational Immigration Debate" ( That references the claims from the Center for...