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A commenting note - 02/16/10

Haloscan comments - the ones that were popup "Comments(3)" links on the entries - are currently disabled because they're shutting down their service. I've enabled Disqus comments, and I've also exported the over 10,000 comments from Haloscan and as soon as I get word on a problem with the Disqus API I'll try importing the old comments into Disqus. However, that might be a while and since I only have a limited window in which to download the comments from Haloscan and I don't want to have to keep downloading a new file with the latest comments, they've been disabled.

ZXY4931 is my new Wikipedia username - 01/16/09

I've used the Wikipedia username "LonewackoDotCom" since 2005 or before, and no one's raised any issues with that name.

Picture broken on 24Ahead appears on Drudge - 12/24/08

It only took Drudge two weeks to feature on his site the photo of Obama and Blago conferring that was first revealed on this site back on December 10. 24Ahead gets results! Not as many hits as we'd like, but the results give us a warm, inner glow.