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Los Angeles ID cards for illegal aliens: follow the money and power (Alarcon) - 09/11/12

The Los Angeles City Council has voted to consider turning the L.A. Public Library card into an ID card that illegal aliens can use. No matter how the plan is spun, it all boils down to one of two things (or a combination): money and power.

Gloria Romero's revolution - 05/01/06

California state senator Gloria Romero will be marching in solidarity with foreign citizens today and joining their boycott and show of force, saying (cbs2 . com/topstories/local_story_119204222.html): "The boycott is as American as apple pie... Many of us have decided to join in recognizing the call of immigrants for one day out of a year, one day out of American history, to simply say we matter." Despite her best efforts to cloud the matter, they aren't "immigrants", they're illegal aliens and their supporters. But she goes even further:

California State Senate supports foreign citizens marching in our streets - 04/27/06

In a shocking - but not surprising - move, the California State Senate has endorsed the May 1 illegal immigration boycott and march: SCR113. This isn't suprising considering that many California legislators frequently act more like their Mexican counterparts. It's only shocking that they would be so bold and that the resolution would be so utterly dishonest.

L.A. Mayoral debate, Tues. 2/15 7am on KABC radio - 02/14/05

...McIntyre in the Morning will present the candidates in a live forum to discuss the issues you care about most. Mayor James Hahn will be joined by rivals Bob Hertzberg, Richard Alarcon, Bernard Parks, Walter Moore and Antonio Villaraigosa.

Walter Moore Debate Video - 01/10/05

Video of the L.A. mayoral debate featuring Republican Walter Moore as well as normals Richard Alarcon, Bob Hertzberg, and Bernard Parks is here. I would have gone to the debate but I forgot all about it.

No Republicans please, we're Angelenos - 12/12/04

At the first Los Angeles Mayoral debate, the five candidates who were invited to speak represented Los Angeles' rich political spectrum: all were Democrats. Those same five Democrats are the only candidates who have been invited to the second debate, which is being sponsored by the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters. On Friday, I spoke with David Allgood from the League.

Are L.A. Times reporters incompetent? - 07/02/03

Here's a letter to the L.A. Times: VIA EMAIL AND BLOG To: Subject: Illegal aliens can't serve in the U.S. military In two recent pro-illegal-immigration articles, two different elected representatives have erroneously stated or implied that illegal aliens can serve in the U.S. military.