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Ask Dr. Erica Pan this question (Reddit Coronavirus AMA) - 05/06/21

Dr. Erica Pan of the California Department of Public Health [1] did a Reddit AMA today [2] but didn't answer a tough question I posted for her. She did, however, get lots of weak questions and responded with a few weak answers [3]. If you realize how vital it is that policy makers are asked tough questions rather than fluff questions, go to one of her public appearances and ask her the question I posted: My question is about the vax tiers. Those 65 and older were included in the first tier because they make up about 70% of the deaths.

Reddit Ask Me Anything of Obama was OK, if you want to enable the corrupt establishment - 08/30/12

Remember the phrase "Question Authority"? What the site Reddit [1] did yesterday is the opposite of that.