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Obama plays race card on Tea Party and whites in general; "subterranean agenda"; Teaparty interferes with proper response - 03/03/11

According to the book "Family of Freedom: Presidents and African Americans in the White House" (link) by Kenneth Walsh of US News: But Obama, in his most candid moments, acknowledged that race was still a problem. In May 2010, he told guests at a private White House dinner that race was probably a key component in the rising opposition to his presidency from conservatives, especially right-wing activists in the anti-incumbent "Tea Party" movement that was then surging across the country. Many middle-class and working-class whites felt aggrieved and resentful that the federal government was...

Laura Wides-Munoz of AP's noxious racial bean-counting (does Obama discriminate against white males in cabinet?) - 12/21/09

Laura Wides Munoz of the Associated Press offers a noxious bit of racial bean-counting in "Obama naming Hispanics to top posts at record pace" (link):

In Rich Benjamin's universe, Obama hasn't played the race card against his critics ("Whitopia") - 11/08/09

Rich Benjamin of the Demos think tank is the author of a book called "Searching for Whitopia: An Improbable Journey to the Heart of White America" and he offers "The Marshmallow Center of American Politics in the 21st Century" (hnn.us/articles/118555.html). Discussing what's wrong with the rest of it is left as an exercise; I'll just concentrate on this hilariously wrong bit: President Obama refuses to attribute any racial bias to his virulent immigration- and heathcare-reform critics. Meanwhile, GOP Chair Michael Steele scolds the President for "playing the race card." Obama has himself...

Benediction at Obama's inaugural: all white people are racists, all non-white are oppressed (Rev. Joseph Lowery) - 01/20/09

At the inauguration, the speech from Barack Obama was preceded by Pastor Rick Warren, and followed by a benediction from civil rights icon Rev. Joseph Lowery. The latter welcomed us to Barack Obama's "post-racial" America, saying among other things:

Barack Obama jokes about white people being too racist to vote for him (Jon Stewart) - 10/30/08

Relax! No race card involved at all! It was all just a joke, just a wonderful, heart-warming merry jest straight from the heartland last night on the Daily Show (text link, video link): Jon Stewart: Are you concerned in some respects, you know, and I don’t even know how to bring this up. Obviously your mother is from Kansas. She’s a white woman. Your father, African. Are you concerned that you may go into the voting booth and... Barack Obama: I won’t know what to do. Jon Stewart: Your white half will all of a sudden decide, "I can't do this." Barack Obama: That's a problem. Jon...