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Submit tough questions for Paul Ryan about his budget plan - 04/06/11

GOP Rep. Paul Ryan recently released a budget plan that would reform various entitlement programs that millions of Americans rely on. My impression is that Ryan's budget does exactly what you'd think it does: help the rich while harming the non-rich and overall putting U.S. society at a worse position than before. Not that the Democrats are any better, of course.

Obama budget 2010: healthcare reform reserve fund; $1.75 trillion deficit; e-Verify; blames GOP, Wall Street - 02/26/09

You can download a PDF containing Barack Obama's 2010 budget from here. John Boehner responds here, raising issues with taxing during a recession, the size of the deficit, and increasing the size of the federal government. 1. The budget puts us on the path to healthcare "reform": The Budget establishes a reserve fund of more than $630 billion over 10 years to finance fundamental reform of our health care system that will bring down costs and expand coverage. The reserve is funded half by new revenue and half by savings proposals that promote efficiency and accountability, align incentives...