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Questions for the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) about Trump - 11/04/16

The National Border Patrol Council ("NBPC") - a union representing Border Patrol agents - has endorsed Donald Trump. The NBPC says that Trump is the only candidate that would fully enforce our immigration laws.

ICE rep: DHS is just letting illegal aliens go (Obama's DREAM Act) - 07/26/12

The video below shows Chris Crane of the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council - a union representing 7200 ICE officers and employees - claiming that the orders from the Department of Homeland Security are to just release those who claim to be covered by Obama's DREAM Ac

T.J. Bonner of Border Patrol union "underwhelmed" by Obama border plan - 03/26/09

According to this, T.J. Bonner - president of the National Border Patrol Council is "underwhelmed" by Barack Obama's recently announced border control plan. He's concerned about working with his counterparts from Mexico considering that many Mexican law enforcement agents have been corrupted and are "rotten to the core". And: Bonner wants a greater priority placed on border security, and said he is "in a word, underwhelmed" by Napolitano's plan. "We need to take more aggressive steps to stop that violence from spilling into the United States," he said, calling the strategy "showmanship in...