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How "centrist" will No Labels be on immigration? - 11/26/10

There's a new "centrist" group called No Labels in town [1], but they actually appear to be just a vehicle for a presidential run by Michael Bloomberg. And, it looks like on immigration and trade they'll support policies that are establishment-friendly but which cause harm to everyone else. One of the leaders of the group is former George W Bush advisor Mark McKinnon, and one of those who'll be appearing at their kickoff announcement is Antonio Villaraigosa. Another person involved is John Avlon. And, another person involved in some way is former Los Angeles Times editor Andres Martinez (...

"Demand Question Time": another bipartisan sham (petition, - 02/03/10

A series of Beltway insiders, bloggers, and journalists have launched an online petition at calling for repeats of the recent question and answer session Barack Obama held with House GOP leaders. In and of itself this isn't such a bad idea, at least from the entertainment standpoint. However, it's a very bad idea to the extent that it will be falsely presented as a real dialogue about vital issues. It's yet another sham, a slightly elevated version of debates held on the Hannity show. As can be seen by the questions asked at the first event, the GOP isn't about to ask...

Republicans Mark McKinnon, Matthew Dowd sell GOP opposition to Sotomayor as anti-Hispanic - 05/26/09

As previously discussed, the New York Times and others are trying to pretend that opposition to Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to the US Supreme Court is anti-Hispanic.

Mark McKinnon says people like him are the problem with the GOP, and he's right - 12/23/08

Mark McKinnon - former chief advertising strategist for the John McCain campaign who quit in May rather than run against Barack Obama (link) - takes to the Daily Beast to offer "The Problem With the GOP Is... Me" (link).