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Jonathan Zasloff of UCLA wanted government to take Fox News off the air (+John Judis of TNR) - 07/20/10

Jonathan Zasloff - a University of California at Los Angeles law professor - said in a posting to the "Journolist" mailing list that the federal government should take Fox News of

Paul Krugman promotes a WPA; why not simply enforce our immigration laws? - 11/06/09

Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman of the New York Times offers "Why not a WPA?" (link) in which he promotes - while maintaining plausible-to-his-followers deniability - the creation of something like FDR's Works Progress Administration: You can make a pretty good case that just employing a lot of people directly would be a lot more cost-effective... So why aren’t we doing this? Politics, of course: government is the problem, not the solution, even when it is, you know, the solution, and cheaper than running things through the private sector... Still, it might be worth discussing...

San Francisco discovers concept of borders, may restrict homeless benefits to locals - 12/22/08

When it comes to taking benefits from U.S. citizens in order to give them to foreign citizens who are here illegally, the city of San Francisco is always willing to be useful idiots. However, sometimes even they realize there are limits to liberalism ("S.F. blames out-of-towners for endless homeless problem" by CW Nevius, link): City officials are finally admitting what others have been saying for years: San Francisco is attracting huge numbers of homeless people from all over. Thousands of transient people, arriving from other counties, states and even countries, are overwhelming the city's...

"Liberals" support quotas, just not for white men, southerners (Obama cabinet) - 12/22/08

Many "liberals" believe in quotas in everything, whether they admit it or not. However, there are limits to liberalism. Namely, when the quota involves white men, especially white men from the South. Following are four recent examples involving the selections Barack Obama has made for his cabinet and top administration positions. These are reactions to the article "Southerners are the missing group in Obama's Cabinet" (link), which quotes Larry Sabato as saying: "Obama scored a tremendous advance for Democrats in winning the three large Southern states and ignored them... I'm just stunned. It...