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Casa de Maryland gets $1.5 million from Citgo (Venezuela government) - 08/05/08

Casa de Maryland - a far-left, illegal immigration-supporting group that runs day laborer centers in the Baltimore area and even advertises in competition with U.S. citizens on Craigslist - has received a $1.5 million donation from Citgo Petroleum, which basically translates into being a donation from the government of Venezuela. In November of last year, Casa's Gustavo Torres attended a "revolution in the U.S." conference in that country. And, Citgo has used ethnic solidarity to sell gasoline in the U.S. Casa is "protected" by the local Democratic machine, and they're set to receive a $1.9...

DC Metro bilingual signs and illegal alien advocates - 06/25/06

The DC Metrorail system is considering adding signs in Spanish to their stations (via this; satire about this here). While the cost is fairly high ($500,000 to $900,000 per station), this is seemingly a minor matter. Until you read that they might add these signs under pressure from "immigration advocates".

Illegal aliens, supporters to protest in Washington - 03/01/06

Illegal aliens and their supporters are agitating for more rights inside our country, and thousands will be visiting Washington DC in March. Thousands of pro-immigration advocates will protest next week at the U.S. Capitol against a bill that they fear would result in fines or jail time for operators of businesses, churches, day-laborer centers and other facilities that help illegal aliens. The National Capital Immigrant Coalition (NCIC), an umbrella for about 40 immigrant-advocacy groups, says the bill -- HR 4437 -- is "anti-immigrant." The measure is expected to come before the Senate...

Casa of Maryland helps illegal aliens get driver's licenses - 02/26/06

As previously discussed, Casa of Maryland is a state-funded group that not only supports illegal immigration, but they're threatening to picket the jobs of Minuteman Project members and even the schools attended by their children. The article "Maryland group helps immigrants get driver's licenses" may even describe illegal behavior on their part, but whether it actually occured as described and whether this behavior is in fact illegal is not known at this time. Hopefully someone will look into this: At 5 p.m. on Super Bowl Sunday, dozens of Spanish-speaking immigrants gather inside the...

CASA of Maryland worried Sensenbrenner bill will shut their day laborer centers - 01/04/06

In case you had any doubts about HR 4437, this might slightly allay them: Kim Propeack, spokeswoman for CASA of Maryland Inc., said her group's day-laborer centers "and other worker centers would in a large part be forced to shut down" if a bill offered by U.S. Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. becomes law... ..."The majority of workers that use CASA centers are documented, but we will not become a pawn in the government's failed immigration laws," Miss Propeack said... I guess that means some of their workers are not "documented", so I guess they do have something to fear. Too, too bad....

Maryland to be sued over driver's licenses; AP not telling whole truth - 11/15/05

Michael J. Feeney of the AP offers "Immigrants Denied Licenses to File Suit Against Md. MVA". It starts out with this bit designed to soften you up: All she wants to do is drive to school, but Margaret Mengly Peredo Echalar says she can't get a driver's license, despite having provided proper identification to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. Awww. Except, it's not really just about one person's wish to get to school, now is it? It's also about all those other people who want licenses, and what they'll do with it: for instance, boarding airplanes. And, of course, driver's licenses...

"Purging illegal aliens from voter rolls not easy" - 08/24/04

From the WashTimes: Maryland election officials have been stymied in their efforts to purge illegal aliens from the state's voting rolls. They have begun compiling a database of the state's 3 million registered voters, then they "hope to compare our data with the INS [Immigration and Naturalization Service]," said Linda H. Lamone, the state's elections administrator. Just one or two problems: the INS/DHS only tracks legal immigrants, and they apparently can't give out information on them due to confidentiality. So, are the election officials not entirely "with it," do they know something...