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Jon Stewart "The Naturalized" on History Channel will be pro-massive immigration propaganda - 05/11/09

This fall, a two-hour, Jon Stewart-produced show called "The Naturalized" will appear on the History Channel (link): [It] follows eight individuals through the bureaucratic morass of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The special will also include interviews with undocumented and deported illegal immigrants... It's a look at that process that is very much in Jon's tone and manner," says Nancy Dubuc, History's executive VP and general manager. "The early stuff we're seeing is quite funny but really poignant and relevant." In other words, it's going to be a snarkfest with a gooey...

Corporation for Public Broadcasting screens pro-illegal immigration film on Capitol Hill ("Made in L.A.") - 04/24/09

Earlier today, the pro-illegal immigration movie "Made in L.A." was screened on Capitol Hill for various politicians and others; a list is at [1]. Not only were those who are public servants wasting time watching movies on the U.S.'s dime, but the further involvement of PBS cranks it up a notch: Senior Vice President of Television Content at the Corporation For Public Broadcasting Ted Garcia highlighted the story and mission of Made in L.A. and acknowledged the many partners that came together to make the film possible: "Made in L.A. highlights some of the reasons why public service media is...

"The Least of These" movie: ACLU pro-illegal immigration propaganda - 03/16/09

The American Civil Liberties Union - a group that's directly collaborating with the Mexican government - is promoting ( a new documentary called "The Least of These" about conditions at the Hutto immigration detention center in Texas.

Crossing Over movie reviews (pro-illegal immigration film, Harrison Ford, Wayne Kramer) - 11/23/08

The new immigration-themed movie 'Crossing Over' - due out in 2009 - appears to be like 'Crash' in that it's set in Los Angeles and involves the interactions of several characters. In this case those characters are trying to become legal residents and expect it to be a perfect storm of braindead Hollywood limo liberalism meeting the Hollywood interest in having a plentiful supply of gardeners.

"Under the Same Moon": Mexican-government funded pro-illegal immigration propaganda film - 03/15/08

"Under the Same Moon" is a new, Mexican government-funded movie about illegal immigration from director Patricia Riggen. The distributors are Fox Searchlight Pictures and The Weinstein Company, and the production companies listed are Creando Films (website unknown) and Potomac Pictures ( And, per . com/movie/1809697065/details, the "Financier" is Fidecine, which is the Mexican government agency designed to promote the Mexican film industry: