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CNBC Republican Presidential Debate November 9, 2011 (Detroit, GOP, Romney, Cain, Perry, Ron Paul, Bachmann, Gingrich, Santorum) - 11/09/11

Tonight CNBC is conducting yet another in a very long line of worthless debates, this time a GOP debate in Detroit in conjunction with Oakland University. Feel free to leave comments below before, during or after the debate. This post will be updated after a transcript becomes available.

Is present-day Detroit partly the result of large-scale "ethnic cleansing" inside the U.S.? (of "Ethnic-Americans") - 03/14/10

This is just the latest in a long line of articles pointing out how Detroit is, in a manner of speaking, returning to nature. Their population has shrunk by half since the 50s, leaving large areas of that city abandoned and reverting to a somewhat natural state. And - since they don't have much money of their own - they want federal money to raze buildings and relocate residents. Certainly, a major part of their problems is due to how globalism scum (why mince words?) helped damage the manufacturing base inside the U.S. in their quest for a flattened world. However, there might be even more...

Curt Thompson: Urges Calm and Practicality - 10/03/07

link: galeo . org/story.php?story_id=0000003303 State Sen. Curt Thompson: Urges Calm and Practicality, "stay calm, stay put and get involved" Found in Mundo HispanicoWritten by Senator Curt ThompsonPosted on 2007-07-11 Originally published in Spanish in Mundo Hispanico on July 5, 2007. Posted on GALEO on 7/10/07 in English, courtesy of Sen. Curt Thompson. This version is unedited and is slightly different than the print version. The Spanish print version was edited for space.

Organizing the new movement - 02/21/07

Socialist Worker/[[April 28, 2006]]/Lee Sustar/ link