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Arizona immigration law amended to clarify, make more resistant to legal challenges - 04/30/10

Jan Brewer has signed a new bill that clarifies and modifies parts of the recently-signed immigration bill, with the intent of clarifying what it's intended to do and also to help avoid legal challenges (such as from the Mexican government-linked American Civil Liberties Union). Link to the new bill and excerpts are below. Per Brewer: Taking into consideration questions and concerns that have been expressed about the SB1070 legislation I signed last week, today I signed HB 2162 which defines and clarifies even further the proper implementation and enforcement of the law. These changes...

ACLU sues Sheriff Joe Arpaio for alleged racial profiling (Dan Pochoda) - 08/19/09

The American Civil Liberties Union - an organization that is/was collaborating with the Mexican government in a scheme that would help that government profit from illegal activity inside the U.S. - is suing Maricopa County, Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio for alleged racial profiling and related issues (aclu.org/immigrants/workplace/40777prs20090819.html). According to the ACLU, a father and son - the first a long-term legal resident, the second a U.S. citizen - were detained by Arpaio's deputies while they were conducting an immigration raid at a business: The lawsuit charges that the MCSO...

Mexico-linked ACLU, MALDEF, Steptoe & Johnson sue Sheriff Joe Arpaio for "profiling" - 07/17/08

As part of an agreement with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio takes part in enforcing immigration laws; ICE has given his efforts a clean bill of health.