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Obama supporter accepts United Nations immigration position (Georgetown law dean Alexander Aleinikoff) - 12/02/09

Alexander Aleinikoff - dean of the Georgetown University law school - has accepted a position with the United Nations as the "deputy high commissioner in the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva". Per his statement (link): "As many of you know, refugee and asylum law has been a central focus of my scholarship and research... The first course I taught at the Law Center was Refugee Law. In taking up the position at UNHCR, I will be joining a UN organization that provides protection or assistance to 34 million people around the world." He served on Obama's immigration...

Tino Cuellar/Stanford, Alexander Aleinikoff/Georgetown lead Obama's immigration transition team - 11/23/08

Tyche Hendricks of the San Francisco Chronicle offers "Stanford professor leads Obama immigration team" (link), with the news that Tino Cuellar - law professor at Stanford University - has been named as one of the two co-leaders of Barack Obama's transition team dealing with immigration.

Independent Task Force on Immigration - 01/15/07

A group convened by the Migration Policy Institute in partnership with Manhattan Institute and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars which published "Immigration and America's Future:A New Chapter" ( link) in [[September, 2006]]. Supports a "new, secure Social Security card" (possibly a national ID card) and "path to legal status for unauthorized immigrants" (a massive amnesty for illegal aliens). As of creation time, this is the list of those involved: