Republicans that Obama administration listens to include McCain, Schwarzenegger, and Mel Martinez (on immigration)

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From our "For What It's Worth" department, Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic offers "The Six Top Republicans Obama Listens To" [1]. He doesn't provide a source for his information, but it could happen. Especially since all those listed are RINOs.

The two in the lead are Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, followed by Richard Lugar and John McCain, the latter two on foreign policy. Those stellar lights are followed by David Brooks of the New York Times and Harvard University law professor Jack Goldsmith.

Ambinder also lists others including Chuck Grassley, Judd Gregg, Orrin Hatch, Mel Martinez on immigration matters, the National Association of Manufacturers, Lindsey Graham, and governors Charlie Crist and Arnold Schwarzenegger on "policy matters". No wonder Obama's ideas are so very great.



Let's take stock of recent events: 1) Dr. George Tiller was gunned down at his church by an anti-abortion fanatic. 2) An unemployed truck driver shot up a church because he hated liberals and gays. 3) A white supremacist has shot up the Holocaust Museum in D.C. and killed a security guard there. Time to apologize to Napolitano for the outrage about the DHS report on possible right-wing domestic violence... a report that was initiated during the Bush administration? I think so.

Exactly what "right-wing" groups were these folks members of? When should we expect to see massive arrests of members of these groups for conspiracy to commit murder? Facts, please. As near as I can tell, these people are CRIMINALS and certainly should have the book thrown at them; but they are no more "right-wing domestic terrorists" than the usual street criminal - whatever his race, creed or color - is a "left-wing domestic terrorist".

The political ideals of total evil is not right wing but obama ideals. The domestic terrorists are the obama people not the nut case who was setup by some low life monkey inside government, the USA Is about to become some third world dictatorship! and many people in this evil future of the new world order will become the next victim Of that evil ideals. Most black and brown and yellow people of the new world order fine that mass murder of whites is not a political or race crimes and when whites attack back against total evil the government of evil which is in the hands of foreign political and race interest and ideals become the evil ones.

To query_tool, i love the name, but what about the yellow guy who murdered 9 unarmed whites and the muslim who shot some unarmed little jew and the black nut case who shot and murdered 10 whites and the list is endness. what political idea did the brown race and black race and yellow race belong to are any part of a hate race group. the USA Is doomed with so many evil people who want the good life and will not work for that life, so like La Raza states you own the good life to us, what more can one say.

And don't forget the Muslim TERRORIST who shot two soldiers. Of course Query TOOL , who is a tool, is like the media and chooses what he wants to highlight. Also remember he is having fun watching his country crash and burn....TROLLS often enjoy playing devils advocate.....ignore him and he will go away.

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Mary is always right. also remember the kid right out of Army BCT Who was shot by a black murderous muslim who hated whites.