Rep. Gabrielle Giffords considers pushing H-1B increase even as millions of Americans without work

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Last year, Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords introduced legislation that could double or triple the number of H1B visas; those are usually used by high tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, and many others to obtain lower-wage, pliable foreign workers. Now, despite the fact that millions of Americans are unemployed, Giffords is considering bringing her bill back. Per this October 21 post:

The Giffords bill is not on yet. I called her office to ask what the status of the bill is, and they said it is in the Judiciary Committee for review. Since it is not formally introduced to Congress we cannot see it yet. The staffer was vague on dates but said it may be several days to a week before the bill is formally introduced, and he hinted that there may be some modifications to the text of the bill while it’s in the Judiciary. The staffer said that portions of the bill may still be in the writing stage. I was told that the bill will be almost the same as her 2008 bill.

The way to deal with this situation is to go to her public appearances and - instead of ranting and throwing tantrums like the tea parties do - ask her tough questions designed to make her look bad. Video of that can then be uploaded to video sharing sites, with the goal of having an impact on her political career and sending a message to others who might consider raising the cap.

For example, the Youtube video of immigration lawyers describing tricks they pull with the H-1B program ( currently has over 360,000 views. While not too many know who Giffords is, that could change overnight if someone can bring themselves to "cross-examine" her over this issue.


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