Questionable NCLR poll: 81% of Latinos oppose Arizona immigration law; plays race card

The National Council of La Raza and others [1] recently released a poll [2] making the claim that 70% of Latinos "strongly oppose" the new Arizona immigration law, with 11% in the "somewhat oppose" camp. Their findings are a bit questionable considering the results to the first question "What do you think are the most important issues that
President Obama and the Congress should address over
the next year?"
Respondents were allowed to choose two of these:

Immigration 59%
Fix the economy 22%
Health Care 17%
Create more jobs 13%
Education 5%
War on terror 4%
Banking reform 2%

Those results seem more than a bit questionable; for instance, why did an important topic like education only get 5%? Why is immigration far and away their top issue when other polls have shown markedly different results? Did the NCLR's partners pre-select people in order to obtain the desired outcome? (I have no evidence to support that, but it's not like I'd put it past them.)

In addition, the NCLR once again showed how willing they are to engage in racial divisiveness by asking "If most of the immigrants in Arizona where White Europeans, this law would not have been passed". 76% took the race bait, only 21% disagreed. For a discussion of the implications of questions like that, see the all illegal aliens white page.

[1] It was conducted by and "Partnered with Latino politics faculty at Arizona State University, and Northern Arizona University". You can download a copy from

[2] The PDF doesn't describe what method they used to select and contact respondents, saying only: "Statewide survey of Latino registered voters in state of Arizona... n=402, margin of error +/- 4.9 ...Field dates, April 30 May 5, 2010 (law was signed April