Pro-illegal immigration groups oppose E-Verify for stimulus bill

Stephen Wall of the San Bernardino Sun brings us the shocking news that "immigrant advocacy groups" oppose the use of the EVerify program as part of the stimulus plan (link):

Critics contend the program has significant weaknesses, including a reliance on government databases that have unacceptably high error rates. Employers also misuse the program to take adverse actions against workers, according to the National Immigration Law Center, an organization that protects the rights of low-income immigrants and families.

"With the economy the way it is, people can't afford to be out of work because of an error in a government database," said Tyler Moran, the center's employment policy director.

Others say the program needs to be carefully reviewed and fixed before it becomes mandatory. Expanding it on a large scale should be done in the context of comprehensive immigration reform, said Michele Waslin, senior policy analyst at the Immigration Policy Center, a pro-immigrant research institution.

"This is not a magic bullet that's going to solve the problem," Waslin said. "It's going to end up hurting U.S. workers in the meantime."

You can read their arguments at

Not to prejudice anyone against their fine arguments, but it was hard to read that without hearing Subliminal Guy finishing each sentence with, "plus, it will prevent illegal aliens from getting hired".


The Sun is part of the MediaNews Group. MediaNews owns a number of mid-size market papers throughout CA including the San Jose Mercury News and Contra Costa Times. The other Flagship papers are the Denver Post and Salt Lake Tribune. On their wiki it is mentioned that the MediaNews Group has received substantial loans from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. On the west coast there must be hundred of thousands if not millions of visa overstays holding down what once were good paying working and middle class jobs. The NewsMedia group will do all that it can to make sure that that does not change. Is their any reason to doubt why the entire NewsMedia group is unrelentingly pro-Open Borders.