Postville: Feds go after Rubashkin trademarks, other property

Sad, sad news for those who want to profit from illegal activity:
Federal authorities have upped the ante for Agriprocessors and four former members of plant management. Not only will the parties face the penalties originally outlined in a Nov. 21 indictment, but they may have to forfeit a host of items that have been defined as proceeds of criminal activity.

The modified indictment, which was filed today in federal court in Cedar Rapids, specifies that the Agriprocessors, Inc. corporate name, trademarks and corporate stock are subject to forfeiture. The trademarks would include such well-known brands as Iowa Best Beef, Shor Habor, Aaron’s Best and Rubashkin.

Sholom M. Rubashkin, son of company founder A. Aaron Rubashkin and a former chief executive at the Postville plant, remains in federal custody pending trial in this case and others. He is charged with various immigration and bank fraud-related charges.

Brent Beebe, Hosam Amara, and Zeev Levi, all former members of plant management, also face immigration-related charges. Amara and Levi fled the jurisdiction after a May 12 immigration raid at the plant and are currently been sought by Immigration and Customs Enforcement...


Do they serve kosher food in prison?

Ironically, when I worked for an overpriced law firm in Nevada, I had to work on pro bono petitions for prisoners, one of which was a guy who murdered his own family. During his stay in prison, he discovered he was jewish, so I had to work on a petition to the Nevada Supreme Court to get him kosher food. What I am wondering is why if there were a meth lab at the plant, how could the prodcuts ever been deemed kosher with all of those nasty chemicals around?

if you play the game like that you can play in prison. I think so eh.

Can you imagine how many jobs would become available if this was how all employers of illegals [law breakers] were handled? Not to mention the dramatic wage increases for the less educated and non college degree types, such as I. And I dont believe the BS about "nobody would do the jobs" without the beaners rant. Look at our economy now.....and that is "with" the millions of employed law breakers! It couldnt be any worse and in my opinion, it would only become better for American workers. After all, that is the job of our protect Americans, including their jobs!

understand this BS Will become totally normal in a Obama America, within 2 months Obama will get total race and political a Amnesty and after that will come the total dismantlement of all rights. sad fact is rubashkins bussiness will be normal inside the former usa.