Police chiefs who opposed Arizona immigration law in progressive PERF group (Eric Holder)

Yesterday, a group of police chiefs met with Attorney General Eric Holder and indicated their opposition to the new Arizona immigration law. What you've probably not heard in any of the news reports is that the meeting was arranged by the Police Executive Research Forum, which in their words is a "national membership organization of progressive police executives" (policeforum.org/perf/overview.asp, h/t this). There's certainly nothing inherently wrong about them expressing their opinions, nor is there anything wrong about them all belonging to the same group. However, one would expect that to be mentioned in news reports, no?

One might also hope that reports would mention that at a meeting in July of last year some members of the same group had criticized the 287g program [1]. It's not so much that they oppose all immigration enforcement, and there is indeed a difference between criminal aliens and illegal aliens, but their opposition appears a bit more organized, a bit more astroturfed if you will. And, that's especially the case since PERF has a "staff of 30 full-time professionals" (overview link above). It takes quite a budge to support "30 full-time professionals" in Washington DC; who's ultimately behind their group?

[1] americasvoiceonline.org/press_releases/entry/