Phillip Brownlee /Wichita Eagle supports depriving U.S. citizens of college educations, encourages giving in to corruption

Phillip Brownlee, opinion editor of the Wichita Eagle says:

The new year apparently will bring another quixotic attempt to repeal the law allowing some qualifying children of illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at state universities and colleges. Rep. Lance Kinzer..., R-Olathe, and some other conservative lawmakers plan to take another charge at the 2004 law next session despite the fact that past efforts to repeal it have failed. Or that costly court challenges to the law have failed. Or that Gov. Kathleen Sebelius would veto any repeal that happened to make it out of the Legislature. Or that the state universities support the law. Or that law benefits the state's economic development efforts. The only encouraging news is that Kinzer and others don't plan to revive - at least not next year - this past session’s failed attempt to turn employers into immigration police.

1. He's supporting a state version of the DREAM Act; see that link for a description of how such bills take college educations away from U.S. citizens in order to give them to foreign citizens who are here illegally.

2. For some reason, hacks keep misrepresenting laws like this, claiming that they're for the children of illegal aliens when in fact they're for those who are themselves illegal aliens. See this for a previous example involving someone else. (Note also that the national DREAM Act covers "children" as old as 30 years of age.)

3. Rather than encouraging his readers to fight against obvious government corruption and support for illegal activity by lawmakers, Brownlee wants his readers to just give in and accept their fate.


If the boy Obama has his way we will all be rob of our country. But understand our schools tell kids that we are all equal cultures and therefore have equals rights no matter if you are a citizens or not, in other words if you come here you have all the same rights but not the same dutys as the citizens.