Obama admin to make it easier for illegal aliens to get stimulus, other government jobs? (e-Verify)

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Numbers USA says:

Informed sources are telling our Capitol Hill Team that the Obama Administration plans to announce today or tomorrow new orders and rules that will gut most of the improvements in fighting illegal immigration at the end of the Bush Administration...

We are told that (a potential) new Obama Executive Order will retain the language requiring contractors to verify new hires (using eVerify). But it will eliminate the language requiring them to verify all previously employed workers on the contract.

That means that all the illegal aliens already working for federal contractors can keep their jobs and unemployed Americans will not have a chance at them.

I talked with a former official of the Department of Homeland Security who said there has been buzz about filling the new Executive Order full of loopholes so that federal contractors can "launder" newly hired illegal aliens through a part of the company not doing federal contracts and then transfer them to the federal contract jobs without having to put them through E-Verify.

You can write your representatives, but the much, much better thing to do about this is to embarrass politicians on video over this issue. I posted that link almost four months ago, and maybe some time before the end of the universe someone will decide to actually do something effective.


By the time you embarass reps on video it will be too late! Join NUMBERSUSA and you can for FREE send faxes and be alerted when the crooks and traitors are up to no good! www.numbersusa.com